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GrassTech USA is a family owned, Colorado based business that has been providing quality static grass applicators to professional and amateur model builders for over 6 years. GrassTech USA takes pride in our old-fashioned American business by hard testing each product so we are able to provide you with the best tool money can buy. Our customers are number one, and GrassTech USA’s reputation reflects that with countless positive reviews from satisfied customers both locally and internationally and by leading hobbyist publications. GrassTech USA specializes only in static grass applicators to create the finest merchandise. So, when choosing your next static grass applicator, remember GrassTech USA is only an email, text or phone call away! Thank you for choosing GrassTech USA.

Happy Flocking!

Get flocking today! Our entry-level flock applicator is the perfect way to get started with static grass. Composed of high quality, American made parts and American craftsmanship, the Little Flocker will bring you years of flocking at an affordable price!

"I can’t believe how well this inexpensive tool works."

Bob Santos

GrassTech II is the best selling and preferred static grass applicator for model railway enthusiasts across the world. The GrassTech II is a safe, fun and easy to use grass applicator that yields professional results every time!

“Anybody who needs to create various simply and cost effectively, this is the way to go.”

Dave Youngquist
Silfor Static Grass

Silflor Static Grass

Silflor is the finest static grass available, providing the ultimate in realism for your layout, diorama, or terrain. Available in 4mm and 6mm lengths, in four distinct colors for summer, late summer, spring,and autumn.

Silfor Static Grass

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