Your imagination is the key!

GrasstechUSA helps bring your imagination to life. Our most popular static grass applicator, the Grasstech One, will help bring model train, diorama-layouts and all of your hobby projects to a new level of professionalism, while increasing your skills with their simplicity and ease of use. We've helped both professionals and amateurs by bringing the fun back into scenery building. This will be the easiest tool you ever use and grow to love!

Happy Flocking!

Follow these simple steps to become a flocking master!

  • Fill the strainer 3/4 full of static / flock grass
  • Attach the high-voltage alligator clip from the Grasstech appllicator to a nail or ground wire attached to the area you wish to flock
  • Cover the area with a thin layer of glue
  • Insert the ground pin/wire into an area near the glued surface
  • While pressing down on the power button, gently wave the basket filled with static flock over the glued surface and watch magic happen
  • The static grass will pass out of the bottom of the basket, vertically energized with the static charge right into the glue like little arrows
  • Cover the desired area with the flock/static grass until you've reached the desired look
  • As the nylon blades of static/flock grass pass through the Grasstech strainer, a static electrical charge causes them to fly straight into the glue based area, landing upright creating that "wow" effect. Youve just created grass, congratulation!
  • Mixing up some of your colors and lengths will create some very realistic results! Don't stick to just one color and size - nature doesn't!
  • Vacuum or brush off the excess flock and reuse it.
  • It's that easy!

"The wide mouth" Has been our number one best seller for 9 Years running. Get it today, and see why everyone loves the little flocker.

Get flocking today! Our entry-level flock applicator is the perfect way to get started with static grass. Composed of high quality, American made parts and American craftsmanship, the Little Flocker will bring you years of flocking at an affordable price!

"I can’t believe how well this inexpensive tool works."

Bob Santos

GrassTech II is the best selling and preferred static grass applicator for model railway enthusiasts across the world. The GrassTech II is a safe, fun and easy to use grass applicator that yields professional results every time!

“Anybody who needs to create various simply and cost effectively, this is the way to go.”

Dave Youngquist
Silfor Static Grass

Silflor Static Grass

Silflor is the finest static grass available, providing the ultimate in realism for your layout, diorama, or terrain. Available in 4mm and 6mm lengths, in four distinct colors for summer, late summer, spring,and autumn.

Silfor Static Grass

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