The Original GrassTech

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GrassTech Pro Bundle

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The GrassTech

We are pleased to be able to offer you this handy little modelling tool. Flocking, or static grass as it is sometimes called, is a far more realistic way to create scenery compared to traditional and more common scatter materials.

The GrassTech from GrassTech USA is the ideal tool for applying flock / static grass on a model landscape. Harnessing the power of static electricity, the GrassTech electrostatically charges the grass fibers individually, which will land and remain in a vertical position on the scenery, creating a realistic grass effect.

Our original budget flocking tool has now sold over 2,000 units worldwide, and we mean worldwide — 75% of our sales have been shipped overseas to pretty much every corner of the globe.

We honestly never expected to sell so many of these little tools, from the start we have always made it clear that this design was not our idea and that you can easily build one yourself, despite this — our feedback and sales speaks for itself!

Even after developing our new product, The GrassTech II, this little tool is still going strong, so we have made a few changes. We have sourced a more powerful electrostatic generator and are using a smaller hopper for the flock/static grass.

Overall, I was impressed with the GrassTech. It may not be the prettiest tool on the block, but it does a good job making static grass fibers stand on end.
Cody Grivno Model Railroader
Pretty? Once the grass is in, no one’ll notice the tool.
Clinton Anderson
I can’t believe how well this inexpensive tool works.
Bob Santos
Truth be told I have been wanting to purchase and try a static grass applicator for small areas on dioramas and display bases I do for my builds, but have found the cost of most on the market to be more than I wanted to spend, and were basically for larger work than I do/needed….and building my own didn’t appeal to me, as I am not very “electrically inclined”, and the time to build it would have been more expensive than buying one… so seeing the small size and $39 cost of the model I ordered, I was thrilled…to those ends it seems to meet my needs perfectly.